2:09:16The Fanboy2017-10-31HouseLive on tape
1:33:30Test Stream2017-10-07Deep House / HouseLive webstream
3:27:46Deep House Mix2016-12-31Deep House / HouseLive on tape
7:12:00New Records2016-05-28Deep House / Tech HouseLive webstream
5:01:35In The Mix (2016-03-24)2016-03-24House / Disco HouseLive webstream
1:33:29Test HD Stream2016-03-15HouseLive on tape
1:07:23Xone 43C Mix2016-03-07HouseLive on tape
2:49:59House Grooves2016-01-30HouseLive on tape
2:12:11I Was Online, Where Was You2014-08-17HouseLive webstream
8:59:18The Ghetto Funk Show – Back By Popular Demand2014-01-10Nu Disco / HouseLive webstream, with post edits
2:14:37Tanzen Verboten! – Mix 22013-03-29HouseLive webstream
1:16:52Tanzen Verboten! – Mix 32013-03-29HouseLive webstream
3:51:10Gotta Play House2013-02-09Deep House / HouseLive webstream
2:48:20Post Apocalypse House2013-01-03Nu Disco / HouseLive webstream
6:15:44Open End Tunes2012-11-02Nu Disco / House / Tech HouseLive webstream
2:48:29TGIF2012-08-24Deep House / HouseLive webstream
1:29:10In The Mix (2012-04-30)2012-04-30Deep House / HouseLive webstream
3:35:16Interstellar Village Pump2012-02-29Nu Disco / HouseLive webstream
2:02:42Eta Carinae In Da House2012-01-10HouseLive webstream
2:28:06Sicko Beats2011-11-15HouseLive webstream
2:16:05Weekend Beats2011-10-29HouseLive webstream
4:20:21In The Mix (2011-10-20)2011-10-20HouseLive webstream
3:06:58New House2011-08-09Deep House / HouseLive webstream
3:56:55Open End House2011-06-15HouseLive webstream
3:03:13Stereo Stream2011-05-17House / Tech HouseLive webstream
3:37:33Spring In The Ghetto2011-04-05Deep House / HouseLive webstream
3:09:35Clap Your Feet2011-03-08Deep House / HouseLive webstream
2:51:54Got House2011-02-22Deep House / HouseLive webstream
2:16:21Housin' De House2011-02-09HouseLive webstream
3:32:31Ghetto House Music2011-01-26House / VariousLive webstream
2:36:09House Music2010-12-08HouseLive webstream
1:44:29Subfader Got The Power2010-10-01Minimal House / HouseLive webstream
2:58:21An Evening With Subfader (2010-05-17)2010-05-17HouseLive webstream
1:09:46An Evening With Subfader (2010-04-05) – Mix 22010-04-05HouseLive webstream
3:04:36An Evening With Subfader – Minimal House Tech2010-03-15House / Minimal Tech HouseLive webstream
4:46:36An Evening With Subfader – Good Batteries2009-12-07Minimal House / Deep HouseLive webstream
2:38:06The Ghetto Funk Show – Deep House2009-09-21Deep HouseLive webstream
2:05:11An Evening With Subfader (2009-07-27)2009-07-27Deep House / HouseLive webstream
5:00:35An Evening With Subfader (2009-04-27)2009-04-27Minimal House / HouseLive webstream
1:55:48The Ghetto Funk Show (2009-02-16)2009-02-16HouseLive webstream
2:13:06The Ghetto Funk Show – Minimal House2009-02-02Minimal HouseLive webstream
2:59:21Discogs Radio (2008-05-23)2008-05-23HouseLive webstream
3:53:45Subfreaquence – 30 Cents Old School2008-05-01Old School HouseLive webstream
2:09:11Subfreaquence – Break Night2008-04-12Tech House / HouseLive webstream
4:26:50Subfreaquence – Minimal Dunno House2008-02-21HouseLive webstream
0:54:02House Ain't Givin' Up2008-02-19Old School House / Garage HouseLive webstream
1:56:46Discogs Radio (2007-05-11)2007-05-11Various / HouseLive webstream
2:25:47Discogs Radio (2007-04-21)2007-04-21HouseLive webstream
2:00:08Subfreaquence – Dirty New Records2007-03-03Deep House / Tech HouseLive webstream, well planned
2:12:28Subfreaquence – I Still Have Last Night In My Body2007-02-24HouseLive webstream, well planned
1:30:01Subfreaquence – Flying Fingers2007-02-17HouseLive webstream, well planned
1:24:50Subfreaquence (2006-12-02)2006-12-02Deep House / HouseLive webstream, well planned
1:30:46Subfreaquence – The Way You Dance When No One Is Watching You2006-07-22HouseLive webstream, well planned
1:18:06Subfreaquence – Do You Remember House2006-06-10House / Old School HouseLive webstream, well planned
1:35:57Friday Afternoon Stream2006-04-07HouseLive webstream
1:56:07Subfreaquence – Bongo Dubs2006-03-11HouseLive webstream, well planned
1:51:25Music Is The Key2005-12-09House / Old School HouseLive webstream
1:49:50Untitled Freestyle Mix2005-09-08HouseLive on tape
0:58:26Moody Me Into Old School Deepness2004-12-18Deep House / Old School GarageLive on tape
0:58:17Enter My House2004-12Deep HouseLive on tape, well planned
1:23:52Love To Heart2004-07-09HouseLive on tape
1:02:01I Bring You Up / Take Me Away2004-04-30Deep HouseLive on tape
0:47:53Invisible Funk2003-12HouseLive on tape, well planned
0:59:53Oh Happy Day Jesus Came My Way And Blessed Me2003-08Vocal HouseLive on tape, well planned
1:19:32New Day2002-03HouseLive on tape
1:11:23My Forbidden Lover2001Disco HouseLive on tape


1:46:55Vinyl Mix2016-12-18Deep Tech House / HouseLive on tape
6:44:40Deep Tech2016-07-23Deep Tech HouseLive webstream
0:56:59An Evening With Subfader (2010-04-05) – Mix 12010-04-05Minimal Tech HouseLive webstream
0:58:13An Evening With Subfader (2010-04-05) – Mix 32010-04-05Tech HouseLive webstream
6:01:56An Evening With Subfader – Boing Bing Bum Tschak2009-08-10Minimal Tech House / Minimal HouseLive webstream
5:20:10Rambel In De Jangel!2009-07-06Minimal House / Tech HouseLive webstream
2:52:31An Evening With Subfader (2009-05-25)2009-05-25Minimal House / Minimal Tech HouseLive webstream, with post edits
0:49:20An Evening With Subfader – Acid House Bonus2009-04-13Acid House / Minimal Tech HouseLive webstream
6:35:37An Evening With Subfader (2009-03-16)2009-03-16Minimal House / Tech HouseLive webstream
2:00:16Tech 30002009-02-20Minimal Tech HouseLive webstream
5:20:51An Evening With Subfader – House 2 Tech House2009-01-26House / Tech House / TechnoLive webstream
4:31:22In The Mix (2008-12-15)2008-12-15Minimal Tech House / ElectroLive webstream
1:59:15Techno Freestyle2008-11-18TechnoLive webstream
2:41:16Techno2008-09-13Techno / Tech HouseLive webstream
1:49:28Subfreaquence (2008-06-14)2008-06-14Tech House / TechnoLive webstream
0:57:25Subfreaquence – Falling Into Stratosphere2008-04-11Minimal / Tech HouseLive webstream
4:14:20Subfreaquence – Home Sweet Home2008-03-29Tech House / HouseLive webstream
3:38:12Subfreaquence – Sugar Coffee Session2007-03-31Minimal / Tech HouseLive webstream
0:30:05Schubdüse2006-06-23ElectroDigital mix
1:16:35Call It What You Want2005-12-20Tech House / AcidDigital mix
1:00:39Deep & Trippy2005-12-07Deep Tech HouseLive webstream
1:40:33A Deeper State Of Mind2004-08-08Tech House / TechnoDigital mix
0:42:05Flowing To The Sky Mix2003-10Tech HouseLive on tape

Genre bending

1:13:04Tanzen Verboten! – Mix 12013-03-29Nu Disco / PopLive webstream
2:00:34Let The Sunshine2012-07-20Nu DiscoLive webstream
2:07:21The Ghetto Funk Show – Random Sushi2011-07-14VariousLive webstream
2:10:39The Ghetto Funk Show (2011-06-29)2011-06-29VariousLive webstream
2:13:52Let's Get Kicked Out2010-09-25Various / Nu DiscoLive webstream
1:46:30The Ghetto Funk Show (2010-03-29)2010-03-29Pop / Deep HouseLive webstream
2:03:23The Ghetto Funk Show (2009-02-23)2009-02-23Disco / PopLive webstream
2:02:27The Ghetto Funk Show – Summer Beats2009-01-19Chill Out / VariousLive webstream
2:09:08The Ghetto Funk Show – Fuck Minimal2009-01-12VariousLive webstream
2:07:09The Ghetto Funk Show – Real Random Records2009-08-03Various / Disco / HouseLive webstream
1:56:04The Ghetto Funk Show – Jazzy & Hoppy2008-12-01Jazz / Pop / VariousLive webstream
1:17:32The Ghetto Funk Show (2008-10-26)2008-10-26VariousLive webstream
1:41:00Subfreaquence – Funkin' For Jamaica2006-11-04Pop / Garage HouseLive webstream, well planned
0:28:57Subfreaquence – Dope Beats2007-07-25Chill Out / Chill BeatsLive webstream, well planned
2:31:37Subfreaquence – Ketchup Funk2007-05-05Various / HouseLive webstream
1:29:55I Love Music Vol. 12006-08-04PopDigital mix
0:59:54I'm Gonna Funk You Up!2008-02-18Funk / Rock / SoulDigital mix
1:18:09The Country Blues Love Pop Sheriff Comes To Town Pt.1 – Uptown2007-03Jazz Pop / Country / BluesDigital mix
1:19:35The Country Blues Love Pop Sheriff Comes To Town Pt.2 – Downtown2007-03Jazz Pop / Country / BluesDigital mix
4:00:57The Classic Rare Jazz Experience Vol. 3 – Summer Sax2005-05JazzDigital mix
2:17:12The Classic Rare Jazz Experience Vol. 5 – It Began In Africa (Edit)2005-08-27World Music / FolkDigital mix
4:00:31The Classic Rare Jazz Experience Vol. 6 – Funky Bossa Brazil Groove2005-10Jazz / LatinDigital mix
4:00:31The Classic Rare Jazz Experience Vol. 8 – New York, New York2006-09-21JazzDigital mix